Cheat Internet Broadband Connection - Airtel $G 

The offer of 4G connection for broadband at speeds of GBs by Airtel is nothing but a fraud.  

They will offer you a 10GB connection at a monthly rate of Rs. 999 + taxes. In addition you will have to buy an LTE CPE  at Rs. 2000 which it is believed manufactured in China and supplied to Airtel for Rs. 500.

The system does not work properly. It keeps connecting and disconnecting repeatedly. And the speed is even poorer than 256KB.

On complaining you will get no assistance even after 10 days.

So, if you decide to try out this service, do not buy it; ask for 15 days free trial and then decided. Most probably you will ask Airtel to remove the trial connection provided.

Best of luck and be not cheated.