Cheat Site -

The correspondence below will make it obvious never to deal with the website in any way

The email received from them on 9 Feb 2013 is below:-

Hello Customer,

Crazy Domains has received your payment.
Please find Attached: Invoice | Order # 11254328
This email confirms that your payment has been received. Your order is subject to further processing. Crazy Domains does not guarantee that the products in your order will still be available once this processing is complete. Thank you for choosing Crazy Domains :-)
< Best Regards,
Crazy Domains
Support Team
India's #1 for Domains & Hosting New Delhi - Mumbai - Bangkok

They claim by lying "India's #1 for Domains & Hosting ". Actually they may be one of the biggest cheat websites in India.

The next email sent to them on Feb 2013 is:-

Hello, Two days back I had paid for domain name registration to you and received this message. When can expect to receive the registraion details including cpanel etc details? Rgds,
Another message as below was sent to them on 12 Feb 2013 but there is no reply:-

Hello, I have still not received a reply from you. Now 3 days have passed since I paid you for domain regfistration. Should I take it that your organisation might be a cheat company and begin legal action?